88: A New Jack Dantzler Novel by Tom Wallace


Jack Dantzler is back in 88, the new novel by Tom Wallace.

Jack Dantzler is surprised when Kentucky governor Mark Baker calls and
requests a late-night meeting. Dantzler is reluctant to say yes but eventually agrees to the
meeting. Dantzler is surprised to learn that the governor is being blackmailed. He’s even
more surprised when the governor says he wants Dantzler to find out who is behind the

Dantzler agrees to help, unaware that he is setting forth on an investigation that
involves two of this country’s deepest and darkest sins—anti-Semitism and white
supremacy. It’s a case unlike any Dantzler has ever undertaken in the past.
Although the blackmailer is murdered, Dantzler knows there is far more evil to
uncover. It’s at this point that Sam Rosen arrives on the scene, seeking Dantzler’s help in
bringing a former ex-Nazi to justice. To do this requires Dantzler to put his life at risk by
joining a group of white supremacists. Once he’s accepted into the group, he learns that a
planned bombing is in the works. Now he is in a race to find out who has ordered the
bomb, and where it will be placed. What Dantzler doesn’t know is that the bomb’s
location is dangerously close to home.

The race to find it is on, and failure to do so is not an option.

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