Dinner and a Murder

Dinner and a Murder
Is Mansford Mansion really haunted? Or can all the strange events that have happened in the creepy old house be explained? In 1865, Mansford Mansion, an elegant home in St. Louis’ most fashionable neighborhood, was the scene of six gruesome murders. Every fifty years, on the anniversary of the original murders, a frightening event occurs at the property.As the 150-year anniversary of the murders approaches, Amy, the wide-eyed young daughter of Detective Adam Trent and his wife, Jenna, begs her parents to celebrate her eleventh birthday at the mansion, which has been turned into a low-budget mystery dinner theater.An odd group of guests are present for what has been advertised as “The Event of the Century.” When the lights cast their glow upon the crowd at the end of the performance, a guest is dead. At first blush, it looks like natural causes, but Adam is suspicious. When the coroner confirms his suspicions, Adam finds himself conducting an investigation into a murder that occurred right under his nose while he, a trained homicide detective, noticed nothing.Soon after Adam’s investigation begins, he learns that notorious criminal, Dr. Lionel Cranston, was released on bail. Dr. Cranston threatened Adam and his team, who were responsible for his capture, as well as their families. In addition to trying to solve the murder at Mansford Mansion, Adam must keep his family safe while hunting down Cranston, who, at the same time, is hunting Adam.Will Cranston make good on his threats to take revenge on Adam’s homicide team and their families? Will Adam solve the mystery of Dinner and a Murder before it’s too late for him and his family?
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Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 9781937979713
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