Once a soldier, always a soldier...
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The Old Farts Club: a small group of mixed-age military veterans with various ‘skills’ who frequent a local fast food joint to swap stories and trade tales.

During a dream Jamaican vacation, Danny ‘Dud’ Wilkerson is devastated when, after a seemingly random accident, his wife Evie vanishes.

The Montego Bay police force insists on a seventy-two hour wait before anyone is officially considered missing. With concrete evidence of her disappearance, Dud can’t wait and, faced with a race against time to find his wife, calls on The Old Farts Club to join him in paradise to track her down.

Little do they know, Evie’s disappearance is just the beginning of a scary and thrilling adventure that takes them from paradise to Hell, as The Old Farts piece together clue after clue and use all of their skills to not only find the missing woman but to stop something altogether more sinister.

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Enigma House Press
ISBN: 9781948374095

List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 3.99
Action, Love, Bob Marley, Guns, Pretty ladies. It's all in here. Yet another action packed story from the mind of Mick Williams. This time it seems we're getting a series! I, for one, cannot wait for more.
– Kenneth Morris
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