The Folly Beach Christmas Mystery Collection

The Folly Beach Christmas Mystery Collection
SILENT NIGHT — JOY — FAITH A FOLLY BEACH CHRISTMAS MYSTERY COLLECTION Welcome to Christmas on Folly Beach. Along with seasonal festivities, don’t be surprised if you stumble on a mystery, or two, or who knows how many more. Enjoy! SILENT NIGHT Chris Landrum gets dragged out of his peaceful retirement when the theft of a priceless, hand-carved figurine from a church’s nativity scene threatens to suck the spirit of Christmas out of Folly Beach, the small South Carolina island. Theories about the culprit range from him being a surfer, a homeless person, and even a member of a devil worshiping cult. In the spirit of it takes a village, Chris is joined in his quest to find answers by his friend Charles Fowler, two teenagers, concerned surfers, and several members of Folly’s traditional churches JOY Chris and his friend Barbara Deanelli’s search for shark teeth abruptly changes directions when they discover a woman clinging to a surfboard. How she got there was a mystery—a mystery compounded when she doesn’t remember her name, her past, or who abducted her. Chris and his pals are determined to learn her identity and what happened. Their search is interrupted when they halt their pre-Christmas plans to search for a friend’s missing Australian terrier. Will Chris and his friends catch whoever initiated the attempt on the mystery woman’s life before another try is made, and will the pet reappear in time for the holiday? FAITH Christmas on Folly is a time for festivities, family, friendship, fellowship, and reflection. When a fire leaves residents of five apartments homeless days before the holiday, Chris and his friends take it upon themselves to not only make sure the displaced residents have somewhere to live but are determined to learn who was responsible for the conflagration. Their task is compounded when Chris discovers each resident knows someone who may’ve had reason to torch the building. With more suspects than days until Christmas, can Chris and his friends restore the Christmas spirit to the small barrier island?
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About the Book
Series: Folly Beach Mysteries
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 9781948374392
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About the Author
Bill Noel

Bill Noel's career as a novelist began in 2007 with the publication of FOLLY, the first book in the Folly Beach Mystery series. Fans of the popular series have been treated to a new book each year since then. The books are fast-paced mysteries mixing humor and intrigue and have been described as "perfect beach reads." The twelfth book in the series, DEAD CENTER, was published in November 2016.

Mr. Noel spends his time between writing fiction and photography. He has sold his photographs at local and regional juried art shows as well as galleries in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Susan, and his off-kilter imagination.

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