Dark Horse: A Folly Beach Mystery

Dark Horse, the latest in the Folly Beach Mystery series by Bill Noel, is now out from Enigma House Press. Bill’s best selling series returns with all your Chris Landrum and all his quirky friends.

An accidental drug overdose is ruled the cause of the death of the daughter of Chris Landrum’s neighbor. The young woman’s father, a retired police detective, had accused Chris of murder days after he’d arrived on Folly Beach a decade ago, and they’ve butted heads frequently since then. So, why get involved and question the cause of death? Could it be because the daughter was dating Joel Hurt, a man on the path to unseating Chris’s good friend, Brian Newman, as mayor of the small barrier-island?

The political race heats up, and so does the retired executive’s search for proof of a crime—a crime the police are certain never took place. While the tight-knit community is being torn apart by politics, life-altering events impact two of Chris’s best friends, Charles Fowler, and Bob Howard, and once again prove that life in the town in the shadows of Charleston, South Carolina, is anything but dull.

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