Murder Most Unstable is Here

The latest novel from mystery writer, Laine Boyd, Murder Most Unstable, is here.

Why would anyone murder a sick, eighty-eight-year-old woman, who only has a few weeks to live? That’s one of many questions facing former homicide detectives Adam Trent and Samantha Hernandez-Whitney. Elspeth Kemblewyck announced that she was dying. Her estate is worth over four hundred million dollars and includes a luxury stable housing six prized horses. But are her greedy beneficiaries the only ones who stand to gain from her death? Why the rush to send her into the afterlife when she had such little time left? And how does a lavish gift from the King of Prussia more than one hundred fifty years ago fit into the puzzle? Join Adam, Samantha, Bo, Kate, and Lester, as they unravel a Murder Most Unstable while searching for jewels and an unsigned estate document—all while a killer is watching.

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